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Dear Bride and Groom – Thank you for your inquiry. Sharon & Wally Martin welcome you to have your wedding ceremony at our historic B & B and for the reception we recommend a number of nearby restaurants for your size of group.

The ceremony cost at The Princess and the Pea B and B is $15 per person (we let you have it FREE if you invite no one) and the person count includes everyone present including the guests, children, bride, groom, musician, officiate, photographer etc. We only do one wedding on any given date. You must also reserve at least one room for one night. You and your attendants can get dressed here in the room you have reserved and you can also take photos on the property. Cost of the room depends on the date and day of the week and is in the $170 – $300 range. A discount applies if the room is booked for 2 nights. Breakfast is continental

There are a number of possible ceremony location options both inside and outside. The maximum number is 55 and may be less depending on the layout. The best time of day is later in the afternoon. (around 4 PM) Brides that book all 6 rooms have additional flexibility as to the time of the ceremony. Our service is personalized. We provide the chairs. We set it up for you. . You can provide decor but you must discuss it with us first.

Our B & B is a 5 STAR r
ated property and we are very fussy about not having any damage. The amount of time allowed is two hours. Sharon and Wally will be your witnesses if you do not intend to invite any other persons. Smoking is not allowed anywhere on the property including outside. You can not serve food or alcohol

Anyone consuming alcohol will be asked to leave. You can arrive one to two hours before the ceremony to get dressed. Should your party require 2 rooms for getting ready please reserve and pay for 2 rooms. Please provide the required registration information for anyone staying in a second room. When the ceremony is ended we expect everyone to leave within one hour.

You can have a one hour rehearsal at an earlier date. Please arrange this with us at a mutually agreed time & date. We have an upright grand piano which you can use. We also know some pianists that are available for hire. You can play recorded or live music if you wish. There is parking both in front and behind the B & B. You should arrange to have someone manage the parking. They should keep one spot open at the front for the officiate. We also ask that you remove all packaging that you bring. There is additional cost for removal of packaging. Taxes are added to all prices.

Call us anytime at 604 533 5569 ------ 604 833 9605 Sharon & Wally


Wally & Sharon Martin
Princess and the Pea B&B
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